Traildusters/Cascade work party August 11 and 12, 2017


LOCATION: North Fork Sauk River Trail beginning at the Sloan Creek Campground.

DIRECTIONS*:* On the Traildusters’ web site there are directions to Sloan Creek Campground. You can either travel south on the Mountain Loop Highway from Darrington (USFS road #20) and at about 16 miles turn left (east) on road # 49 (this is about 7.3 miles in from the end of the paved road), or travel from Granite Falls toward Darrington to road # 49 and turn right. At that junction there is a sign on the west side of Rd 20 that says “Barlow Pass 7, Darrington 16”. At about 6.7 miles in on Road 49 take a left where there is a sign that reads “N.F. Sauk 1/8, Bald Eagle 3, Bowser Creek 6”. In 1/8 mile you are at Sloan Creek Campground which is the trail head for trail # 649.

WORK OBJECTIVES: Replacing the rails of the first long turnpike a short way in. and hauling gravel to backfill the turnpike and to smooth the trail across a boulder field. We will start about noon on Friday the 11th by splitting cedar stakes to hold the rails in place. Then we will help move the rails to the site with a toter and place the rails and stakes. We will get an early start Saturday the 12th and haul gravel to the two sites. Depending upon how much progress we make we will try to be done by around noon. There will be a tool safety talk before we start and everyone will need to sign indicating they have heard the talk. USFS will provide helmets or you can bring your own. No pictures of our work party will be published of people working without a helmet.

JOB POSITIONS: Stake splitters (need to know what you are doing). Stake carriers (moderate work). Horse holders both at loading and dumping (light work). Gravel loaders (heavy work). Gravel dumpers (light work). Gravel spreaders (moderate work).

WHAT TO BRING: Water – at least a liter, 2 liters if you are going to work hard enough to sweat, lunch, snacks, gloves, insect repellant.

Optional: Riding animal, pack animal.
There will not be a mandatory sign up, but if you let us know you are coming that will get you a place in line at supper. Friday evening supper will be salmon provided by TDC. Side dishes and dessert will be potluck. Please let me know if you can bring a pack animal. Unless your pack animals are exceptionally trail wise please plan to have a leader for each pack animal. No one will be checking us to see that we have weed free feed, *but *do pick up all your hay and manure and take it home*!* Do post a Forest Service Parking Pass or a Senior Pass on your rear view mirror.

Contact Rich Guthrie for more info.