Club ride at Schriebers Meadow and Baker Lake, Sept 15-17 2017

Yes, *Schriebers Meadow ride is on Friday*. This is a very popular hiker trailhead with limited parking. I would like to ride Friday and then move over to the Baker Lake trailhead Friday night. This will open up the Schriebers Meadow trailhead for the weekend hikers.

Just before you reach the trailhead at Schriebers Meadow there is a very short section of the road that is slumping/sluffing off. There is just barely room to get through with a horse trailer. You will have to hug the shallow ditch on the right.

If you have any other questions, please call Beth Ferris. You must RSVP with Beth if you’re planning on going.

PDF – Driving directions, Schriebers Meadow/Baker Lake