2019 April Newsletter

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2019 March Newsletter

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2019 February Newsletter

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Dagger Lake ride August 19, 2018

We will be riding out from Bridge Creek trailhead at 9:00 am. Like I mentioned at the meeting, the parking will probably be full so we will have to park on eastbound shoulder just past the parking lot. There is room for 4 or 5 rigs, so if any one can carpool it would work best.
Bridge Creek trailhead is just past Rainy Pass on Hwy. 20, the North Cascades Hwy. It is the trailhead that is used to ride to Stehekin. The parking lot is on the left. If it is full we will have to park on the shoulder on the right. If you type in Rainy Pass on Google Maps it will give you directions.

Reiter Foothills Ride – August 4, 2018

We did a pre ride yesterday and providing we don’t get an offer we can’t refuse we can do the Reiter Foothills ride on 8/4. Will ride to a waterfall lunch destination. Ride length 7-8 miles. 10:30 ride out time.Bring a Snack and chair to share back at trailhead with history of project. Go to 429th Ave SE Gold Bar WA off May Creek Road. Continue to the end of the road. The trailhead is small so park accordingly. Bring loppers or pruners so we can continue to improve the trails.

Cathy and Cheryl

Teanaway club ride Cancelled/Teanaway work party by MTS suggested

The only response(s) I received was either I can’t go, but would like to or silence… So, If you were planning to go, you should still do so and camp at either Teanaway campground or Indian Camp. There is a work party at the Teanaway campground that you could join. I know a couple people attending. I might too at this point.

Find details for the work party at the following link:

TD Ride – Teanaway June 23 & 24, 2018

TD Ride June 23 & 24

RSVP to Tamara by 6/18.

Directions:  take I-90 east, exit at Cle Elum and follow highway 970 as if you were heading to Wenatchee over Blewett pass.

A few miles  outside of Cle Elum (past the Flying Horseshoe Ranch) turn left onto the Teanaway Valley road using the left turn lane.

About 7 miles later you will cross the river, then turn left onto the West Fork Teanaway road.

At the Y by the fire station, stay to the left or straight. The entrance to the campground is on the left.

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TD Ride Wenas/BBQ Flats — May 26-28, 2018

The TD ride at Wenas/BBQ Flats is coming up on Memorial Day Weekend

Discover pass required.
Ride Host: Doug Barber

We will be camping at B-B-Q flats. It’s at the end of the Malloy rd. About maybe a mile and half from the end of the blacktop. Please drive slow when passing thru the farm area. There are only 2 roads from the blacktop. One being the N Wenas / Audobon rd, which you don’t want to go on, and the Malloy Rd. Take this one.

Memorial weekend in beautiful downtown Wenas, You will have the privilege of using modern cement outhouses, you will have the privilege of your very own creek for stock water, you will have the privilege of deeper spots in the creek to park your lawnchair. Just remember the new riders will be fetching beer for your elders.The last rig/family to pull in will be in charge of the potluck on Sunday nite, duties include organization, time , location at their camp, firewood,garbage, cleanup. The whole area is known for easy to decent riding. There are trails and trails and old logging roads, and about any place you want to take off and go cross country. There is a lot of water available thru out. It’s a great place for all levels of horse and rider. The ride out sat will LEAVE at 10:00 am, so bring a lunch. Sunday rideout a little latter….still bring a lunch tho ! Refer to the TD Maps to determine your desired route. Remember your Discover Pass . Bring Firewood if you can. Watch for TD pie plates ( that’s white pie plate with the letters TD written on them ), and our sandwich boards . If you have any questions, feel free to call or text…425 280 0768. E-mail me MULETAIL@msn.com. And please, don’t be afraid to ask the older members how to do something. So really come and enjoy, that’s what its all about.

Your Fearless Leader Doug