Ride Rules

Let’s Be Considerate

Trailduster Rules for Rides

  1. Any trail boss reserves the right to ask anyone to leave a club ride. This is for the safety of the other riders as well as that of the person being asked to refrain from the ride.
  2. Any rider who is under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. This applies to both members and guests.
  3. Please wait until everyone in your group is mounted before riding off.
  4. Please limit your rides to trails that you and your horse can handle. Experience, conditioning and adequate equipment are important factors that can insure you an enjoyable and safe experience.
  5. Ride at the same pace as the lead rider. He/she should not be passed.
  6. No tail gaiting…keep at least one horse length between horses.
  7. Please keep your horses at a walk going up and down hills. This is better conditioning for your horse, and you won’t leave a novice rider or green horse anxious to catch up.
  8. When encountering an obstacle on the trail, please wait for each horse in the group to clear the obstacle before proceeding.
  9. When your horse is through drinking, move to the other side of the water and wait for the next horse to finish before moving on.
  10. No dogs on organized trail rides or potlucks.
  11. No smoking on trails while mounted.
  12. Only one rider per horse.
  13. If you decide to leave an organized ride, please let the trail boss know of your intentions.
  14. Please place a red tie on the tail of a horse that kicks to warn the rider behind you.
  15. Please let the trail boss know about any medical conditions that might need attention on the trail. (i.e. Allergic to bee stings, heart problems etc. and how to administer the medication). Carry medicine on your person.
  16. If you are increasing your speed to another gait it is courteous to ask permission, especially to those behind you before doing so. Galloping is inappropriate.
  17. It is strongly recommended that any rider under the age of 18 years old should wear a helmet when mounted. This applies to members and guests.
  18. Close gates that you find closed, and leave those open that you find open. Never cut a fence, even if is down.
  19. Please clean up the trailhead after your horse. Place manure and hay back in your trailer if no disposal area is provided.