Volunteer Hours

One of the very important things that we as BCHW members do is volunteer our time with trail maintenance, administrative involvement, public outreach and more. It is important to keep track of these hours and report them to BCHW.

Check out the BCHW volunteer hours page for more information. Click here for a printable PDF worksheet to keep track of your hours.


☺ Volunteerism is one of the most important activities that BCHW can use to support our effort and mission of perpetuating enjoyable and common sense stock use in the back country.

☺ Volunteering helps keep trails open for all types of users.  It shows us as a good neighbor with the community, youth and other user groups by ensuring that public lands remain open to recreational use.

☺ Volunteering is our clout.  Legislators and land managers know that our volunteer hours are an asset.

☺ Volunteering gives credibility to BCHW during discussions with land managers.  Volunteers perform work that would not otherwise get done when government funding is cut.

☺ Volunteering and recording those volunteer hours gives BCHW Chapters an opportunity to participate in grant programs that can augment government funding cuts.

☺ Volunteering has a positive effect when talking with land managers.  It shows that as a user group we take responsibility for keeping our public lands in good condition for future generations.

☺ Volunteering helps overcome negative opinions about sharing trails and enhances our image as stock riders on trails.

☺ Volunteering gives a sense of pride, brings a positive attitude to the chapter and promotes teamwork by planning, building, and maintaining trails and trailheads.

☺ Volunteerism and Education is a big part of our organization from Leave No Trace classes, Saw Certification instruction, First Aid training and other equine related programs.

☺ Without volunteers, trail workers and staff people alike, our organization wouldn’t be what it is now.